Are there any distinctions between the terms 'context' and 'context tags'?


Hi, I'm curious to know if there's any difference between 'GTD contexts' and 'GTD context tags,' or if these two terms are used interchangeably.


Tags are one way to add context information to digital GTD lists, if the app supports it. Not all apps do. Many people use one list for each GTD context, so there is no need to use tags for contexts. For paper lists, this is really the best option, and I think handwritten tags are not a good option. I would not typically use the term “GTD context tags” unless discussing a particular app implementing GTD lists in a particular way. So no, the terms are not interchangeable.


In GTD, a context is a grouping of next actions based on something you need, like a location or piece of equipment.

Context tag is not a GTD term as such, but refers to how some people represent contexts in their software using tags.
Thanks for this short, yet useful explanation. Now everything is clear!