Arianna Huffington interview: first reactions:


It was valuable - in its own way

Arianna's interview demonstrated the importance of passion in fueling productivity. I found the interview interesting and motivating, despite the unnecessary and distracting political remarks.


Great interview

How refreshening to hear someone who actually has opinions. It does not seem to be very common these days. The inspiration: We should all stand up for our thoughts. We should not be governed by fear. Don't fight against imagined enemies. Talk to the people you do not understand. Try to find out why things are the way they are. Is this not the only way forward?

Remember that many ideas that are labeled "liberal" or "communist" in the US are just common sense to us europeans. They work fine here.

GTD is a good thing. It transcends party politics. It deserves to be spread throughout the world. Try to look beyond the dichotomies. We might all be better off.