Capture tools without attachment


Many of you use softwares (Nirvana, Things ti make some examples ) that does not allow you to capiture imagines or attach file with mobile phone.
Please share your thoughts


Generally I try to avoid storing raw data in a next action list. My preference with non-text “stuff” is to capture and extract, then capture and reference If extraction is hard.


oes not allow you to capiture imagines or attach file with mobile phone.
I do more than 99%of my capture with a pen and paper in a notebook I always have with me. If I need a picture to accompany that (picture of the particular tractor part that needs to be replaced, for example) I'll take one with my phone and add that to my paper capture. Paper then goes into my inbox for processing. Perhaps 5 times a month I will use Siri on my phone to take a verbal note. Siri is notoriously unreliable for me so I have to process those just as soon as I can or they are meaningless. Siri always tries to interpret sheep ear tag numbers as dates or times and no amount o f correction seems to improve that. Plus, Siri needs access to the internet, there are cases where my phone does not have service so Siri is unavailable.


I am using Things on the Mac for a long time, one of the issues i face is the same, Adding attachments... One round about i could go is just inserting a link of the google drive or the you tube video or the file on your desktop and kept a " Do not Delete" folder on the desktop so that the attachments are stored there... Not a good way but i could the only way of linking it...