Capturing ideas in the shower

Shower Thinker

Waterproof Notepads for Shower Thinkers

My wife and I are also hard core shower thinkers. We use AquaNotes a waterproof notepad for the shower. They also have an Aqua LoveNotes pad. The same concept with a red pencil for leaving love notes. You can order on-line…havent seen them in stores yet.



Aqua Notes looks perfect. I added it to my someday/maybe list but think I will soon be moving it to my next action list. At $9, it will be well worth it.

John Ismyname

I am so glad this thread became re-invigorated! In a previous life, I was an aspiring songwriter and always got song ideas in the shower and while driving. The portable recorder became my tool of choice in the early-mid 1980s. Despite using these devices around water, I get about a decade of use of use from them before they wear-out from constantly being in my pocket. When they are "de-commissioned", they are obsolete. Before you say, "there's an ap for that". A separate recorder can be used with one hand without looking at it while driving or walking. If it gets wet bathroom, no big deal - I paid $25 US for it from Amazon last month. Now they are basically flash memory sticks with a USB recharge, a LCD display and a few buttons.


If you don't need to write ideas down that often then just take the soap bar and write the idea on the shower stall or tile. It comes off easily and you get the bonus of cleaning the bathroom too.


Much of Intel’s P6 OOO uarch was invented in hot water environments. Glenn Hinton was infamous for saying “I thought of it in the shower.” Back then I tended to take baths rather than showers, but similar. Recently, soaking in hot tubs. Although many if my ideas come while walking the dog - in Oregon’s cold rain, in the woods, for hours.

My Apple Watch 3 is supposedly waterproof enough to swim with. Many people shower with, but I am a bit scared. I do, however, depend on using the watch to take notes while walking. (Did I mention walking in cold Oregon rain?)

I think I may start using my watch in the bath or shower more when I get my second Apple Watch. Fear of my only watch dying in the water is too much, since I depend so much on it.

I capture things on my Apple Watch (walking dog in cold Oregon rain, in bath/hot tub, and eventually in shower) using
A) IOS Reminders (“ Hey Siri, remind me to...” - can be totally hands free)
B) Just Press Record (works offline, records voice, transcribes later)
C) Drafts (online only, better than Reminders, but not so well I integrated with Siri)

I have recently started using the OneNote Watch app. But it has no widget!complication.

I tried but gave up on voice memos.

It sucks that there is no single app that I can use. No single app that hands free, voice only, offline capable, voice and transcribe, with a widget.

Drafts and JPR are better than Reminders, but require taps - which I often have to do with my muse because my hands are full. Plus, I worry about poking my devices with wet fingers.

(Oh, yeah - the way you have to twist the Watch3 crown to pump out water after getting wet sucks. Designed for use before/after swimming, but not while in the water. (I tried capturing notes by atopppig at end if land with swim workouts. Hassle.) FitBit/pebble were better in that regard, but not much good capture SW)

When I have tried capturing in bath/hottub/shower I find that I have to turn the water off. It helps to have the sort of shower faucet where you can set the mix, and then turn off/on while keeping the same water temperature mix.

I tried grease pencil pads, which I have from scuba.

Hmm, I wonder how scientists using SCUBA take notes?

I have several water resistant notebooks and pens - the sort of thing that forestry scientists and wildlife biologists use to take notes (in the cold wet Oregon rain). Also mountaineering. Work okay walking, but not in bath or shower. I prefer voice notes, because handwritten notes need to be transcribed to my computer system.

My main hope for waterlogged capture is that I will be willing to risk it when I buy a second Apple Watch, using voice.


Grease pencil on slate, and photograph? SCUBA divers sometimes do this. Cheap waterproof camer? eg cheap waterproof phone? Old phone, WiFi only, no need for cell plan.

Fisheries biologists often have counters that they just click. Not good for capture, unless you know Morse code.


I think I may start using my watch in the bath or shower more when I get my second Apple Watch.

Does it need to be a Watch? If you're stopping the water anyway, what about an iPod mounted on the wall just outside the shower? In theory, you can use "Hey, Siri" to record a voice memo hands-free.


I'm all about 'Ok Google'... or whatever tool/phone you use.
This is where voice is really helpful.