Celebrating David Allen's approaching birthday by witling/eliminating BACKLOG with a Drill-Down from ALL-LISTS [Including Cldr] to "Three-Focus-Lists"


Just a Humble THREE-LIST(S)-FRAME-WORK to Tackle Ugly Back-Log?

(1). A L W A Y S, (2). D A I L Y, (3). T O D A Y

1. A L W A Y S [Involutional/Potential ('Ad-Hoc') Distractions] a. CLARIFY: . . . b. CLEAN-EMPTY: . . . c. FILL: . . . d. FIND: . . . e. FINISH: . . . f. FIX: . . . g. SET-UP: . . . h. Etc.
2. D A I L Y: [From One's Life simply derived from one's life (LOL)]
3. T O D A Y: [From One's Actions simply derived from one's numbing/overwhelming Calendar and Context(s)]
4. Be Full of Peace, Joy, Charity, and Happiness as the good Lord created us to be and respectfully allow no other creature to even sadly suggest otherwise? Respectfully, as you see fit fellow GTDer(s)!

Please be well and continue living as optimally as possible; whatever that might be and you mean very much to me! Thank you . . .

Ps. As David Allen might say, be kind to oneself . . . simply because it's relaxingly productive
Pps. Happy Birthday David! It's all about love . . . even 'GTD' . . . ain't it?
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