Comparing GTD Implementations in Evernote, Todoist, NirvanaHQ, FacileThings a

Eddie Smo

Hi interesting to see that we might "tick" in a similar fashion. I have started to use a habit former as well (way of life app - quite good but I stopped after a while since it better gets on your radar by itself after a while). Can also recommend the book atomic habits.

Before I went for Nirvana there were so many other things I have tried out. Starting with list apps of course, but in the end those were only lists. I also tried Trello which is a bit better but nothing close to a real GTD app. The big difference is that something like NIrvana (or similar apps) are literally like 3D To do lists. The tagging function which goes perpendicular to just 2D lists through everything which ever might to be done is just so powerful. I also very much like to establish projects and all sorts of lists which are somewhat interrelated.

Incidentally I had also used onenote for a while but then stopped. It´s kind of cool but nothing which can´t be done by windows. I feel that electronically I manage with windows and NIrvana. Then there is outlook. I have tried tasks, calendar, categories, inbox zero. Nothing works for me. it is a burden which can´t be kept up and which for me is not worthwhile.

Forgot to mention that for more complex projects, in particular also for work, I use mindmapping. This is also very good.

Wow, lots of good recommendations. The main things I took away from the post:
- I will try mindmapping. I have seen a few people say it works great for them.
- I have installed a habit-tracking app (HabitHub) and will start using it. It seems like a great addition to my flow and I think does it better than my previous setup for habits in NirvanaHQ.

I think of GTD as an N-dimensional to-do list, with N being the amount of tags, contexts and labels you have :)
My favorite thing about it is the stress reduction - that wonderful moment when you know you can trust your system so you don't need to worry about keeping everything in your head.

Padre C

And yes, I choose cross-platform apps cause I use mac, windows and android :)

I also use OmniFocus. They are working on a web interface. I don't use any windows machines, but we have some in the office. I think the web interface will give all the cross-platform support that I would need.

Kevin James

Per the comment that NirvanaHQ development is moving pretty slow, I recently asked their support about this and got a prompt reply. They said their development team is small and focused on the native apps right now, but NirvanaHQ is very much alive and well.

Myself, I wish they would just focus on web and mobile apps, especially given they're a small team. Their web app works very well, but there are some features like improved rapid entry that I'd like to see. Nonetheless, I was impressed enough to make the move from Todoist, which I've used for many years, to Nirvana. In particular, I like the ability to set project tasks to show up sequentially and I really like the way the scheduled tasks work, showing up in my Focus list when needed.

I've been slowly ridding myself of subscription based services as much as possible, so their $50 lifetime price was an attractive option for me! I suggested in my communication to them that they at least keep their Blog up-to-date so existing and would-be customers new they were still actively working the product.


Hi everyone, in the last few months I've done a comparison of various tools to implement my GTD system (I've used Evernote for years and decided it's time for an upgrade). I really my write-up helps others make their decision as well.

You can read about it here:
What a fantastic post. I'm thinking of throwing myself into NirvanaHQ and GTD. I've been using Evernote and Todoist for now, but this seems like the real deal.