Coworkers using P0/P1/.../Incubate/Shelved

Do you sort your GTD next action context lists in rough priority order?

  • yes/no/maybe - I indicate priority by a number or Hi/Med/Lo in the next action description in the li

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I just noticed some of my coworkers reporting status and To-Dos using terminology similar to but not exactly the same as GTD
  • P0 - top priority (we are computer nerds, so we start counting at zero)
  • P1 -
  • ... I have seen P2 and higher ...
  • Incubation (in rough priority)
  • Shelved
"Incubation" here means "idea that is not quite ready for formal evaluation, but where we are actively thinking about it."

"Shelved" means "definitely not in this project - wait until next project". Which may be next year, or next quarter. Nobody officially working on it.

I think that "Shelved" corresponds to GTD's "Someday/Maybe".

Not sure about this use of "Incubation". But then again I am unclear on whether GTD Incubation is a superset of Someday/Maybe, or a different level.

I also note the "in rough priority" within a list. I find that I do that in my own GTD lists. Do others?