David Allen on Cleanup Zen


This is really good. I resonate with the kitchen; there is nothing more satisfying to me then cleaning up and organizing a huge mess. Cleaning up after dinner parties is one of my favorite things to do - I always wondered if there was a business opportunity for that. ;).


The idea of someone LIKING to do dishes is so foreign to me that I kind of wondered if DA was making it up but am glad to hear there is someone else who thinks that way. Haha I loved this article!

Paul Vahur

GTD Connect
Great article! Jordan Peterson, author of best-selling self-help book "12 Rules for Life" makes similar point when he advises people to "Clean up your room". As a clinical psychologist he has been exposed to severe psychological states in people so his advice is usually aimed at people who are really struggling in life but his advice and principles behind it are very similar to what David says.

Especially in this clip Peterson says: "Clean up your room and then you'll know what to do next.".