David Allen on GTD and Teams

John Forrister

GTD Connect
Staff member
On the team theme, David Allen has written a new article on GTD and Teams.

"A recurring question from people new to GTD, or interested in its applicability to an organization, is “How does GTD relate to teams?” Because the introduction to the methodology focuses primarily on self-management principles and best practices for individuals, there is a gap in awareness of how to connect the personal productivity aspect to team success. The best practices of GTD apply equally to teams (and even whole enterprises). The five steps—capture, clarify, organize, reflect, engage—are exactly what successful teams do to maintain control and focus."

David then goes on to address these questions:
What do the best teams do?
How do these two perspectives cross over?
How does GTD relate with well-known organizational workflow best practices?
What about collaborative team software and GTD?