David Allen Real-Life Coaching Compilation Video (15 min) resource


Dear all,

A couple of years ago, when I was trying to introduce people to GTD, I decided to edit some visuals over instances of David Allen walking people through real-life projects and "stuff", to help demonstrate a little to them what GTD is about and how it works - I find showing concrete examples can be very effective (watching and listening to these certainly helped me in my early days).

If you're interested, and think that such a resource might be useful to you too, I've cut together a compilation of three such examples in this 15 minute video:

Clip 1: 00:00 David Allen on Inspire Nation Show
Clip 2: 05:26 David Allen on The Dealer Playbook Podcast
Clip 3: 13:20 Meg Edwards from GTD Path Audio resource (used with permission)