Dini Kourosh article on Omnifocus and checklists



I just found the posting above which actually addresses an annoyance I have always had with two projects - weekly review and laundry (yes these are both recurring projects in my system). Both projects are set up as parallel (not sequential) projects in Omnifocus and have a good number of tasks. Yes I know they could be a checklist but I like to check off each step as done. The annoyance is if these are overdue by a day or so I suddenly have all kinds of overdue items. Dini Kourosh gives a method in his article to simplify the list to one item for each of these "checklists." This would not get rid of the items but would keep them off of a "due/flagged" type list. He explains it in more detail but bottom line is that he only puts the overdue/flag on a single "do weekly review" item which has a link to the checklist/tasks. When all the tasks are done, the single item can also be marked done.

I'm going to try it.