Does anyone knows deleting description in Braintoss



When I send 'Test' text to Nirvana by Braintoss

It comes
Title: Test
description: Test

How can I delete description?


Here are my settings and I don't have prefixes.

Settings for Braintoss email delivery to (

Footer off
HTML off
Caps off
Thumbnails off
AudioAttachment on
TextAttachment on
PictureAttachment on
Location off
ImageRecognition on
Transcribe google2020
Metadata on
SubjectSize 100
BTid BT0cae6590b777fe6634786603489c51fb

To change settings send a Braintoss note in the format:

set settingname value

For example "set footer off" or "set caps on"

Alternatively send a note with set plain to strip everything except the attachment or with set default to return to the default settings.

Use "set postfix ..." for adding a #tag or a @notebookname.

The setting change will apply to the email address that is being delivered to, this means you can have more than one set of settings as you can use multiple addresses in Braintoss.

Visit for further information on email delivery settings.
Have you tried a 'prefix' feature?