drag&drop GTD app for MacOS ?


Hi, I've been looking for a GTD app for ages now and think i tried about everything. As i'm very visual, i'd like to have a calendar view open (top half of my screen) and on the top bottom like an open shelf where i can just jot down and tag everything that comes into my mind. As a second step, I'd like to be able to drag&drop those 2dos on the calendar view to the appropriate day. I could of course tweak due dates and all the normal GTD stuff afterwards. Haven't been able to find anything the like, so maybe it simply doesn't exist ? Ps: i'd like to be able to run this on my desktop, without cloud signing ups...
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For me, the most clear part of our specification is that you want to drag and drop next actions into your calendar. Many apps do that. If you want linking, some do. If you want bidirectional updating, I think you are most likely out of luck. Similarly, several apps allow manual drag and drop into various lists, but the structure and functionality varies. If you want to avoid cloud interaction completely (queue up Blue Oyster Cult’s “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper), your best bets may be Things or OmniFocus.


The outlook Web app allows dragging and dropping from MS To Do into your calendar, with your to do list as a pane along the right of the screen; you can change the views so you have your inbox, next action lists, agendas etc appear. The tasks stay in To Do though, so you will need to complete them there once done. I don't think there's functionality to complete the task from the calendar as the app just creates an event with the task details.

I did this for a while but found I was setting myself arbitrary deadlines and was being repulsed by my tasks because I was missing these fake due dates, so I don't actually do this anymore.

This doesn't fit your horizontal split screen needs, but is very similar.

I have O365 through work, but if you're using it for personal use I think this may require a subscription.