Emacs org-mode is the perfect tool for GTD.


You're right. It's not worth most people's time. I just happen to use emacs.

By the way, you can combine evil mode and org mode in an SSH session on iPad if you want to try a mobile interface.
Emacs are like Russian literature. They are rich in substance and offer timeless value. But it is often hard to get into - and more of an acquired taste.


I have perfected my emacs org-mode GTD setup even further. It is even more ultimate now. Perfection can be improved. Now, I have projects that are repeated on a regular basis on top of repeated tasks. Daily tasks are just repeated tasks that are repeated daily.

If I bought a single board computer for wake on lan functionality and VPN, I would be able to connect from a tablet to my desktop computer over SSH. You can use a bluetooth keyboard with a tablet or a laptop.

I can use org-mode over SSH on a tablet. evil-org-mode enables vim keys on emacs. VIM keys are suitable for SSH sessions.

If you want to work offline, you may set up a folder synchronization system so that when you get home, your org-mode files are automatically synchronized.
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