'Feeling comfortable tool' vs 'Convenient tool'


Which one do you prefer between 'Feeling comfortable tool' and 'Convenient tool' for List manager,Calendar,Reference?

I feel comfortable to Evernote but it's not convenient for link with actions and projects.

Should I move to 'Convenient tool that I'm not feel comfortable?'

Jared Caron

Nursing leader; GTD enthusiast
The ideal tool is both - it is comfortable to use for the purpose you intend, and it is convenient so that it fits smoothly into your life.

Consider that you may want multiple tools. It's near impossible to find a single tool that does everything well. Some tools will be really great for certain things but not so great for others. For instance, Evernote does a great job with reference information, but it certainly is not an effective calendar.

Most people end up needing separate tools at least for Email, Calendar, and Lists - so try to find the tool that is most comfortable and convenient for each major component of your system.

I use a handful of tools, each of which I've selected for a specific purpose:
  • Outlook - Email & calendar
  • Evernote - Reference
  • Todoist - Lists - next actions, projects, someday maybe, goals, vision, purpose
  • the Brain - mind map for areas of focus
  • One Drive - more reference & project support
The key is to experiment and not be afraid to select tools for a specific purpose.