Fullhart's 3-Ring Binder Setup



I'm looking for a textual discription of Fullhart's 3-Ring system. I myself use an e-GTD-system for work and paper for home, mainly for the sake of variety / reducing resistance to my system.

Here is what I heard and am pulling from memory.

1 Calendar
2 Next Action Lists (does he print each outlook task out separately
3 Projet Lists or project tabs

Any additions / corrections?


Here's my setup....

Currently my binder is set up as follows:

1) Blank sheets of paper for note taking
2) Calendars - Daily, Weeklies for the next 3 weeks or do
3) Action Lists
4) Projects
5) - 7) Reference Material (Phone rosters, etc.)
8) Weekly Review / Checklists

Hope this helps


Yes, it is a great help. Thank you! No better source than the man himself. I found it very interesting that you used a 3-ring system. I have a blackberry/outlook system which I use for work, but I use another outlook instance and paper at home. The only list I sychronize is my calendar on the blackberry. So when, I'm at work and I need to capture a home idea I use the paper lists I have with me from home (for right now, it's really just an index card with next actions from my home outlook lists). When I'm at home and need to capture for work, I use the blackberry. I know it probaly sounds strange, but it works for me managing very active projects at home and the office. I've tried going to one system (outside of the calendar) but I find it too distracting to see all the home lists at work ... when at work I like to only focus on the job. Whatever errands or home / doctor / home project calls I need to make seem to fit on the index card or calendar. My problem has been that I need to take more of my home lists with me for reference, and I think your three-ring implementation of GTD will work very nicely for my home system because I'm not really interested in lugging a bunch of reference folders with me. At work, I'm very comfortable with using only note paper and then transferring to outlook notes / blackberry. Most of the time I'm taking notes on my laptop anyway. I'm putting a binder together an implementation of your binder setup today. Thank you again for the great idea!


Oh, and one more thing. Yes I do two different weekly reviews. My work weekly review I do on Thursdays, my home weekly review I do on Sundays. I also like the variety of working on paper at home after being around computers so much of my work day.


The best system is the one that works for you...

Thanks for your note....glad you found my response helpful.

In my case, I keep all the lists on my Office Outlook Task List. One feature, should you be sharing your task list with others, is that you can 'check' a box in the lower right hand corner of a task window which will make the entry "private". This means you can see it and, when you print it, the item will be visible. When people who you have given "review" permissions look at or print your list, those items won't show up.

I've found it useful to have one list simply because you may have a sudden 'aha!' at work about something you need to do at home, and I can just quickly add it to the list.

Having said that, though, the beauty of the program is that it's the principles that are important, not the precise tool or tools that you use to capture things. So enjoy your system...it's a perfect fit! :)