[General discussion] GTD reduce stress, or make stress?


I am curious what we think about GTD when we are advocate of the devil. Try to keep in this discussion the line of these questions in mind:

- What is my problem i need 'something'?
- How solves GTD my problem?
- How much time (in minutes/per day) does GTD keep you busy in mind?
- Does GTD really solves my problem, or does GTD replace/shifting my problem?

I am curious about this discussion!

Jodie E. Francis

GTD Novice
I think the expression you intended was 'play devil's advocate'... :)

I've wondered this myself. At first, implementing GTD did make stress for me. Because it enabled me to handle all the trivial items that were clogging my mind, it freed me up to be more creative. The ideas started to flow! It also made me think about higher horizons - what are my goals, life purpose? Suddenly I realized there were many more things I wanted to do, and it took time before I learned to process the ideas effectively. Yes GTD gives you a methodology to get clarity on your problem and solve it, but first you need to learn the methodology and develop the discipline to work the system.

To learn GTD I suggest you start by reading David Allen's book "Getting Things Done". It is available in many languages: http://gettingthingsdone.com/getting-things-done-international-editions/