Get It Done App

Lots of great comments about Nirvana here. I'm sort of in the market for a more GTD-specific app and am looking at Nirvana. I've tried GTDNext, which I do really like but find the mobile experience frustrating.

One other app I stumbled across and never heard of before is: Get It Done. Looks good and VERY much like Nirvana but with the ability to add and email attachments. Here's the link:

Has anyone tried this app?



Not tried that but TickTick is worth a look if you want another option to try and the premium version is cheaper.


I have long looked for a GTD specific app and recently went on a bender downloading a bunch of them to demo. The first one I played with was FacileThings and I literally didn't bother looking at any of the others. It has everything I have looked for in "parking lot" for my tasks & projects. It was the missing link for me in being able to fully trust my system (after almost a decade of working this).

They have a web version and an app. The mobile side is not as robust yet but I have noticed that they are making significant upgrades to it regularly. The web version for my computer is full-on and so easy to use. It walks you through each step of GTD in succession and really helps keep everything in your face when you need it and parked when you don't. This is an app that better never get shut down but it has totally changed my world.