GTD: Cheaper, Faster and more Effective than Marriage Counseling

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I am new to GTD (implemented at work this Jan, and at home this Feb/March).

This is my story.

A few years ago I read part of the GTD book and triumphed at home by setting up a partial filing system. My beloved continued to ask me to just write a list, and things would get done. This winter I read and finished the GTD book, downloaded free podcasts and bought the weekly review audio book. I asked my beloved to read the GTD book, with no commitment to use the system, just so we could speak the same language.

Our lives have changed! Not in the donate a kidney type of way, but in subtle easy ways we communicate now, trusting that if we don't get to it today it won't be lost in "the pile" as we used to call it. Our desk was the bermuda triangle of important papers. We didn't realize how beautiful our hard wood floor was because of the 8 1/2 x 11 white carpet tiles of paper that covered the office floor. Summons for jury duty or second cousin's new baby announcement, it all looked the same on "the pile".

Despite a 3 day weekend devoted to organizing and shredding and making nice labels for files we still fought, felt overwhelmed and didn't get 'enough' done. The office sucked the life out of us. I thought the only solution was a match. :oops:

When my beloved read the book we were a team. We would both ask each other difficult questions (not are you having an affair) such as, 'What is this? Trash, reference or action?' and 'It isn't a project unless we are committed to doing it. Are you committed to doing this?' If one said no, often times it got trashed.

We are now equally committed to keeping the office organized. It is funny to watch one of us get fidgety over a stray post it note or item that has sat too long (day and a half) in the same spot. We have a system now!

The first item on our project list is "stay friends, stay married", and is regularly updated. We have more energy, and on the low energy days we can still do a few important tasks instead of watching Home and Garden tv. Not that there is anything WRONG with Home and Garden tv, but I am so proud to say that after 8 years, we have finally printed and framed a picture of our dearly departed cat.

I won't say our hair is fuller, our teeth are whiter or we look 5 years younger; but I will say we are a team on this GTD and are both working together to GTD!
So good luck love birds!

John Forrister

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The funny thing is that this thread is eight years old. It got bumped into the new posts feed because a spammer tried to reply. The post was held for moderation, then deleted. But it still made this thread show up as having new content. We're looking into whether we can change that, so that only approved posts are counted as new.

And yes, GTD is good for marriage. I've also heard that acceptance, patience, and humor help with spouses who don't practice GTD.


Never forget the role that horizon 5 plays in a marriage though. You can have the best communication and organisation system in the world, but if you’re not aligned on purpose and values - both for your lives and marriage - then you will still pull in different directions. And while GTD is brilliant for helping you to ask the horizon 5 questions, it can’t give you the answers.