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Good fellow GTDers,

If everything is organized/placed for reliability 1. Finding/Handling when needed and/or 2. Remembering/Reminding when wanted with maximum-flow/minimal~zero friction, then is there a third or any additional criteria that 'tells' one something is misplaced/unorganized, or missing?

In advance, a big GTD thank you
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Hello @gtdstudente,

I think what you are describing is the regular review. It tells you that something is missing, misplaced or too much.

Could be Weekly Review or simply Ad Hoc / Any Random Need

Thank you . . . yes, good GTD point, added "missing"? Thank you very much

Unclear regarding "too much"

Again, thank you very much

Great random reminder: everyone has a minimum of three languages: Spoken [even if unintelligible sounds to many others], Written [even if 'simply' an "X" signature], and perhaps the most overlooked, Cognitively?

Thank you very much!


You're welcome.

The criteria is simply do it regularly. Any review, weekly, yearly, etc should be able to tell you how well you are doing. So if your week went poor or well, take notes on what contributes to that.

By too much I mean that the review is taking too long, so you need to lower your workload or reduce friction.