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Morning DAC,

I'm a big fan of the GTD-Q Assessment tool and utilize it regularly. I noticed there are two versions:
1. GTD-Q Assessment under GTD Connect which is flash supported and not iOS compatible
2. GTD-Q Assessment under which is iOS compatible but doesn't have the custom Recommendations nor previous results saved

I had a few questions I was hoping to get answer to.
1. I receive notifications that flash will no longer be supported Dec 2020. Will a non-flash version of the GTD Connect GTD-Q Assessment be created?
2. Or will it be replaced by the version?
3. If replaced, any chance the following features be implemented: history of previous results and the recommendations based on recent scores? :)

Not a major thing. I just really really like the assessment :p

All the best,

John Forrister

GTD Connect
Staff member
Hi Samuel,

Thanks for being a fan of the GTD-Q.

The version in GTD Connect was built years ago, as you can tell by the fact that it uses Flash. The version on our public site was built more recently, as a plugin for WordPress, the platform the site runs on.

We are looking into building a non-Flash version for GTD Connect by December, that would still have the features you mention in #3. We wouldn't replace it with the one on the public site because GTD Connect is not on WordPress. There's a surprising amount of coding complexity under the surface, but I'm hopeful that we can create a non-Flash version that keeps all the features.