GTD Wins Wars

René Lie

Certified GTD Trainer
Not sure where you are going with this, so I decided to quote my musical hero Sting: "There's no such thing as a winnable war, it's a lie we don't believe anymore"...

Wilson Ng

I've always enjoyed this quote:

“The more you sweat in peace, the less you sweat in war."
Norman Schwarzkopf

GTD helps me by planning my day, week, month, and year. It captures and organizes all my loose ends into projects and lists. From there, I choose tasks to work on for the day, week, and month. Repeat it enough times and I can get through the year with measurable progress.

The more prepared I am for the present and the future, the easier I can execute my plans.
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GTD is about turning problems into projects. War never solves anything. GTD is of little use in a survival situation.
I beg to differ. Wars actually do solve things for the people involved for some timeframe. Survival is nothing more than deciding what the next action is for the project of staying alive. Been on several survival training courses and several thought projects based on surviving some odd situation as brainstorming/creative thinking/ exercises. GTD mindset helps in both of those cases.

In real survival situations the priority depends on the environment. On earth and not at too high an altitude or underwater and you can safely ignore Locate Air supply as a project Scuba diving and your regulator dies and that becomes the number 1project and depending onw how deep you are the proper next action might be a rapid ascent remembering to blow out all the time.

In a forest in winter with good warm clothes and plenty of water in your pack and shelter becomes the most important thing. In a desert water and not making stupid decisions (never leave the car even if it is broken down, never travel during the day) are most critical.

Practicing making decisions about projects, what can be put on someday maybe and getting to the next actual next action is highly transferrable to both survival situations and warfare. No battle plan survives first contact wit the enemy and GTD teaches us that it's ok not to plan too much because things change rapidly.

GTD builds resilience, good for all situations.


The side who will win a war is the side whose people are the most proficient at GTD.
When you find it difficult to stay on task, it can give you a boost to:

Remind yourself that the well being of your people, and everybody you love, depends in part, on your ability to be productive.

Do the work for all you hold sacred. This can help you to generate willpower energy.