Handheld Label Maker Question


Hey everyone,

I've been considering getting a handheld label maker to organize my workspace, but I'm a bit unsure which one to go for.

I've seen a few options online, but I'm looking for recommendations from those who have used them.

What brand/model do you use, and what has your experience been like? Are there any standout features or drawbacks I should be aware of? Also, how is the quality of the labels it produces?

I appreciate any insights or advice you can offer.


What are you planning to label? File Folders? bins of electronic parts? cables?

I use a very old PT-1280 Brother label maker that prints narrow 1/2 inch or less labels that works create for file folders and cabes but not for bins or other stuff.

I would buy the label maker based on what consumables (label material etc) I see regularly at my big box store of choice. Consumables are far more of an issue than any features or functions.