Hi! New here! / You have a trick to handle deadlines?



I'm Jean-François from Montreal Québec Canada, francophone, father of three, elementary school music teacher and GTD super enthusiast. PLeased to meet you!

I discovered GTD 15 years ago or so. Though I could see how I could benefit from it and tried to apply it the best I could, I encountered certain limits: globally I was pretty adept at generating projects, someday maybes and stuff, but less prone to actually getting more done than I would have pre-GTD.

Now a few years later, few week back,, I felt overwhelmed about my workload and responsibilities. Got the GTD setup pdf from the GTD store (which I liked a lot) and rebooted my system. And then, ZANG! I don't know precisely what happened/ what changed during those years, but now I get effectiveness results I could'nt have hoped for. I'm amazed. This stuff works big time.

There is something I would like to handle more gracefully, though: "managing deadlines". I don't feel like priorising anything, as I rather spend my time doing stuff that pondering comparative project importance, but I'd like to find an efficient way to "get ready for project delivery". As a music teacher, sometimes preparation involve some kind of repeatable practice por myself and other.

If I put stakes in the ground of my agenda, it crowds it pretty fast (concert in two weeks/ evaluations due of the x of x). Yeah of course I do weekly reviews, but I feel I have too many projects going to keep a sense of priorities. I do little daily reviews, but I fear it would get prettu heavy if I looked at my projects every day.

Gotta go! Thanks for reading, ciao!



Learning and practicing, and then practicing more
Possibly fewer projects might help. And including the deadline in the project title so you can get awareness during your weekly review that it's upcoming.


I put the deadline where I will see it when making choices about what to do. I also look at a list of all deadlines, digitally generated, to build awareness,


Actions which must be complete on a certain day/time go on your calendar.

Do you really need to use GTD for repeatable practice? This could be habitual, and I personally don’t add my habitual actions to my GTD system. Every day I wake up and immediately begin to exercise. Every day after work I begin to cook dinner. There’s no need for GTD for these habits. But if it’s not habitual and you need to reserve time, and/or you have to coordinate time with another person, I’d suggest using your calendar.

And yes, it’s possible that you have over-committed and you may need to renegotiate those topics.


Thanks for your input! Makes me reflect.

I sifted through my project list yesterday while waiting at the ecocenter, and I did find several projects that would have been tremendously difficult to move this week. In the future, I'll try not to open project pandora's box needlessly.

About project delivery/ deadlines, I'm still looking for a wording I like. It's not all about the deadline, or habits. A lot of my pedagoartistic projects have to move constantly, along with class opportunities among other things. I'll explore the notion of project outline, a flexible course of action plan with some stakes in time. I'll keep the readers of this thread posted.

Have a great day!