"How a oral chelation protocol links to GTD

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How ACC protocol links to GTD.

IN Andy cutler oral chelation (could share links to his books) a person while in protocol (could show video about “what is chelation re remembered that now) takes chelator ALA according to rounds with a timer interval minimum 3 days of a week.

A person who is heavy metal intoxicated (e.g. has a diagnosis with mild autism) may have certain symptoms which limit productivity because of the metal poisoning e.g. extra brain fog mentally and( physical symptoms of a damaged or messed up immune system (I believe it was written by Rebbeca Lee that mercury can cause up to 200 different physical symptoms to do with the body e.g. yeast/fungus problems in the internal organs of the body) symptoms such as problems concentrating retaining information and/or ADHD or ADD.

*In the book from what I have read/understood so far Allen is type of person where saying that a person really - has to be mentally sharp thinking about tings (e.g. be able evaluate how himself is feeling with energy level be able to do tasks and use systems).

-sharing personally created profile on facebook sharing I had worse symptoms of auto immune disease after got vax 16 (e.g bowel symptom and other holistic symptoms of inflammation in my body).

Else worth?

01 links sharing example habit I have of writing new to do lists or lists of words/information in the moment disorganised on papers/note books (maybe handwriting not able read afterwards.
Building up clutter?

20 20 coming back to this post what else would want link.

[Andy Cutler Chelation (andy-cutler-chelation.com)].

And also give example link of the official books (where can get from different website according to country - (e.g. here example Home - NoAmalgam.com usa.)

Could link to facebook group - search into facebook ACC chelation (also in the website link shared about).

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