How do you deal with the problem of wanting to see the tasks/projects/lists that only matter RIGHT NOW?


i use TaskPaper app. TaskPaper manages to remain simple by putting more of the burden on the user.
If you do follow the "Getting Things Done" idea of To-Dos or if you just have a lot that you need to keep on top of, you need to regularly review all your tasks. TaskPaper will show you everything, but it won't keep track of what you've reviewed. Also Looking for alternate version like TaskPaper for my other windows 10 Pc

Jared Caron

Healthcare Quality & Safety pro; GTD enthusiast
I'm a todoist user and I've set it up a couple of different ways over the years that I've used it.

I have used the "projects" feature as contexts. That worked ok.

Most recently i have one "Project" (list) in todoist for next actions and I am using the sections feature to create contexts that way i can quickly see all my contexts and pick the one I want.

I find tagging things by project, etc. to be far more work than it is worth. I can usually intuitively know which project my next actions are related to and even if I don't at the moment - that's what the weekly review accomplishes.