How do you handle Project Planning?


I'm now using
Reference = Evernote
List manager = Nirvana
Calendar = Google Calendar.

I like using paper as brainstroming. But paper can't reload past week's brainstoming results. I can take a photo of it but I should redraw Mindmap.
So I decide to use Evernote to Project Planning then add brainstorming stuff each week.
But evernote is not good as paper.
Do you have good idea brainstroming with paper?
and I am curious about where and how the planning data are stored.

2. Is it right making Purpose,Prineciple/outcomes,Brainstroming and save it each project?
It makes little complicated. I should open app then plan then move actions to my Nirvana project list.
Am I doing well?
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1. It seems likely that you are planning more than you need to. Most projects don‘t need much planning; a desired outcome and a next action is enough. A very small number of my projects need substantial project reference material within my gtd system. The value of brainstorming, however you do it, tends to lie in its translation into decisions, projects and next actions.

2. You only have to consciously apply the Natural Planning Model when you need it. After a while, you may internalize it so it becomes the natural thing to do. Again, for me, it‘s a small fraction of my projects.

Remember- GTD is supposed to be as fast and easy as possible, and good for lazy people.