How Many Next Actions Should I Start With?


One. It keeps me from over planning and not.... Getting things done. I may have the very next action and do several actions on a project. When I stop i put the next action in my contexts. That way I can pick up where I left off. As an aside, my project list is just that. A list of "finished" projects. (what it looks like when the project is complete)
Change bulbs on car
buy a lap top
replace motion light
renew passport
change anti freeze etc


When you identify a project that you need to work on, how many ‘next actions’ should you write down initially? Let’s discuss that with GTD author David Allen.
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Thank you for all prior interviews and this one as well:

While both are GTD indispensable for Project GTD thinking, it was most clarifying in making it distinctively GTD clear between in engaging in Next Action 'GTD thinking' vs. Natural Planning 'GTD thinking'

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how many ‘next actions’ should you write down initially?
As Many as I need to to make sure that I have captured and processed all my thoughts. I'm ok if things change but in reality most of my projects, when properly thought out at the initial clarify stage, rarely have maor changes in the next actions even when the projects span years.