How to extend GTD from getting the right stuff done to value-driven working

Bert Kruisdijk

The challenge – from “doing the right stuff” to “value creation.”
For me, GTD is, for a large part, a beneficial concept where I evolved my career on. I cannot predict where I would be in my career if I had not discovered the first GTD book from David, many years ago.

When I started my professional life, it was all about doing as much as I could, being productive, and delivering (agreed and beyond agreed) results. While my career evolved, it shifted from “doing” towards “goal-directed doing” towards “making an impact.” In recent years, I am moving more consciously into the area of “creating value.”

I have adjusted/ expanded the GTD system, especially horizons of focus, to my needs. I am now capable to support my "way of working" based on value principles with an "enabling and trusted system", still based on the fundaments of the ideas/ concept of David.

I have written a blog about GTD and value creation, which you can find here: Value-driven working with GTD fundament

I hope it adds value to your thinking!