How to Flow from Clarifying to Organizing in Todoist

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    In Todoist (yes, I read the guide recently put out), while you are clarifying, how do you not loose track of items that need to be organized? If I am following this system correctly:
    1. I am clearing my inbox when clarifying (turning things into projects, archive, etc.).
    2. I am NOT supposed to be organizing while clarifying.
    3. So as I am turning these tasks into various projects and create next actions, I am not adding any tags to them (but I AM moving them to somewhere other than the inbox).
    Ok, so at the end of clarifying, how am I guaranteed to find all the tasks that need to be organized, if they are now amidst a long list of other projects?
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    I have Todoist premium. Things I've collected start in the Todoist inbox. I clarify them there, and if the context and/or project are obvious I'll go ahead and organize too, since since the autofill function using the @ and # symbols make that part so quick. When I'm done I'll still have a group of tasks in the Todoist inbox, clarified now but not assigned to projects or contexts, so I go through and add them. Finally, I try to remember to check a filter I've set up for items that have no labels, which denote contexts for me. That catches anything that got assigned a project and therefore left the inbox, but didn't get organized. Does that make sense? It might not work at all in the Todoist free version, I don't know.
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    Todoist Premium, and I clarify and organize in the same step, one Inbox item at a time.

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