How to manage delegation efficiently

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    I am a COO in a middle size company. My everyday job is to deal with other people including delegation a lot of tasks.

    And here is the case:
    Let's say it's Sunday evening. I am doing my GTD weekly review, so I am checking my inbox.
    I check the next item, think about it and figure out that I should delegate it to someone else. So basically I should delegate it and put it on my "waiting for" list.
    Sounds easy but it's not. I can't delegate a task without previous information to that person. Sometimes a little explanation to that person is also needed. What I do is I always put that task on my "Next actions" list with context dedicated to that person (agenda). I do "physical" delegation and then I put the task on my "waiting for" list. Eventually, when I decide to delegate something to someone else I have to plan a two steps process. Of course, I do these steps in my GTD software. I did this in Nozbe and now I do the same in Nirvana.

    How do you manage these things? Is there a more efficient way?
    I thought about something like this: I can put a task that I want to delegate on my "waiting for" list instantly but with an additional tag like @agenda which means I want to talk to that person too. And remove the tag after the talk. Nonetheless, in this solution, I am afraid that I can't truly trust my "waiting for" list if I put there items that aren't delegated ultimately.

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