IKRU on iphone


Hey, so I use Things these days but I wanted to post about the app I used before that, Ikiru. It’s hugely underrated I think - I found out about it from a round-up on the Zapier blog. Basically, it allows pretty much endless nesting of lists, has a great import/capture feature where you can type or paste in a bunch of items and it turns each line into a register zions bank online separate task, and each task is like a piece of paper - you can just write a short action at the top or you can write project support notes and even add pictures. I have considered going back to it and the only thing that stopped me was that it has an extensive choice of icons to go with your lists. They’re really nicely designed but I don’t do well with color or icon choices - I get analysis paralysis and spend ages dithering. Things are good for me partly because it doesn’t give me those choices. However, it is a great app and I wanted to post about it as some here might like to try it.
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