Is anyone using GTD organizer?


So I have another thread asking about getting a system together- I am brand new to this- There are quite a few apps I have checked out but getting set up is quite an undertaking and figuring out how GTD is setup within those systems-yada yada yada

Anyone using the GTD organizer and have feedback or suggestions?



I do use a version of the GTD Organizer ( ) in printed form. It is basically the printed GTD setup guide ( ) for a very specific situation I am in where I have to use a bunch of systems not connected to the Internet for my day-to-day work. I use the paper system to manage my projects, tasks, calendar, etc related to those systems. It has worked out much better than I expected. I used to have a GTD implementation on each of these systems which had some drag on my ability to quickly react. This is only a change from 1/1/2020 but so far it is good.

OF user

Not a huge fan of the GTD organizer. That being said i think the GTD paper planner/organizer study guide is very good and there are examples in there similar to the organizer templates.