Is it accurate to say. . . .


Interesting! I think...maybe yes?
Something I've noticed recently, although not software-related, is that I read / am reading a couple of other self-development / productivity books. The correlation with GTD is marked. In one (Make Time) they do acknowledge David's work on occasion, the other (Tranquility by Tuesday) I haven't finished but there is a lot that "fits" with GTD. I think the point I'm trying to make is that David's comments around how he discovered GTD, he didn't invent it, are very valid. There's either a basic human commonality-of-approach, or everyone writing improving books has GTD to hand!


I wouldn't call it a tool, more a methodology which can incorporate any number of tools, and is agnostic towards any particular tool.


Is it accurate to say GTD is the mother of all tools?
Your question reminds me of one of my favorite and fundamental quotes from David Allen. It’s from a chapter on the Clarifying stage of GTD.

"Once you really integrate this clarification process into your life-and work style, you will find yourself comfortable with a wide range of tools that can genuinely work for you. If you haven't applied this process, nothing will seem to serve you very well." (Making It All Work page 111)

I like opportunities to share that quote.

In the sense of that quote, I would say yes.
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