Is your "Two Minute Rule" practice interested in being on steroids ?


Do yourself a GTD favor by allow David Allen's paraphrased quote to take your GTD you and the Two Minute Rule to the next level. . . .

"Your gonna have to do it anyway" David Allen

So very elegantly complements the "Two Minute Rule" ?

"Two Minute Rule" can be understood as 'small' Two Minute "Time-Blocking" units which seems to be more about place(s) than 'space' [if interested in "Time-Blocking" please consider seeing's @Longstreet post for helpful insights]

Meanwhile, Time is Matter-&-Motion [Sun-&-Planet rotation, etc.] . . . Time ain't Space . . . the Mind/Intellect is a spiritual faculty, and like all spiritual realities, is the absence of Matter. Angelic beings, as such, don't move from there to there . . . they are simply there or there . . . likewise, since the mind/intellect is a Spiritual Faculty/ Reality, is at its best when it is at one 'place' at a 'time' because it, the mind/intellect itself, can only really be at one place at a time and perhaps it is better to remain cognizantly clear of that reality even when the Phantasm [Imagination-&-Memory] is being called upon, or even worse, imposing itself

As you see GTD fit for creating space by 'forgetting' everything while 'remembering' everything
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