J. Patrick Carroll interview



Hi all!

I popped the In Conversation CD in as soon as I got it and I thought this was a great interview! I got at least one terrific pearl and Patrick's enthusiasm was contagious.

For me, the pearl was how he used focus and vision to reimagine his company. I was fascinated to hear how he realized he was in education, NOT sales. That story has inspired me to rethink areas in my business (which is an orthodontic practice) where we do things just because that is how we have always done it. That made listening completely worth it.

I am a new Connect member (been on for about two months) and the audio content has been great. I have been slowly getting caught up on all of the In Conversations and teleseminars. I have learned so much already. This post was inspired by Tim Braheem who said that getting involved in the forums was key. To the David Allen folks, keep it coming!!


Dave John

I love the little piece of advice Patrick got from David that he shares –frame old, stale activities as discontinued hobbies: it’s a great way to move towards allowing yourself to close them down and focus on fresher, current projects.

I can also deeply identify with those moments when his mind is log-jammed and he dumps the entire lot onto white boards, stands back, and works towards actionable solutions.

This is more than simply identifying the next actions: it is identifying the next projects. And by following the altitude model, Patrick can drill right down to a next action, with a solid outcome/project title written beside it.

I can just see that arrow streaking triumphantly across the white board from the initial light bulb comment to the granular next action. Very satisfying!

Overall, a very powerful real life example of distributed cognition. Thanks Patrick.



Really appreciated Patrick's interview. I have been in the employee benefits business for over 20 years, so it was great for me to hear from a leader in my industry. My two favorites were (1) the power in having all of your team working with the system and not dependent on the leader (2) the power of the white board. Got it - THANKS!


Tough problem to fix

I too really enjoyed this interview. As an Australian I also learned a lot about health insurance as an employee benefit in the US, which is very different to here. Our system is not perfect (which one is?) but I don't envy the task of breaking the cycle that has now been created where this insurance is seen as a fundamental employee benefit. The business that doesn't offer it but perhaps a higher salary as compensation isn't destined to survive from what I heard. That's a tough problem to fix.

All Australians are entitled to free basic health care (Medicare). Those that choose to and can afford it can also pay for private health insurance. With an ageing population the Federal Government is very keen for as many people to take this up as possible and so have created $ incentives for people over 30 to opt in. This whole regime exists though independent of our employers.



Great Timing

Caroll's interview arrived just in time. Thanks for the great interview. For the month of November and December I am assisting my brother-in-law with enrolling people in the Medicare systems, especially Part D, the prescription plans. I gained lots of insight and humor from the interview.

I find that I am the most helpful to Medicare clients when I ask them what their goals or wish lists (outcomes) for medical care. I can pull the truth about what they are thinking, their fears, concerns and wishes by listening to their responses. I'm not licensed to give advice or register anyone in a plan. However, listening and educating clients is so important before any business takes place. I enjoy teaching and assisting clients to work the Medicare and Health Care Provider websites. I feel honored to listen as I have learned so much. We all need to own our "health care."

Thanks again. Nancy