Latest version of David Allen’s Book?


I am actually reading a library's version from 2015 published by Penguin Books and saying on the cover "An all-new updated edition". I now wanted to order the book via Amazon but found different versions. The Penguin version seems not to be available anymore, but the book now is published by Piatkus. Their newest version comes with a publishing date from July 4, 2019, but only seems to be offered by the German Amazon site and containing no additional info on the cover. Then again, the 2015 version available at comes with the info "A brand-new edition for 2015".

ISBN-13PublisherPublicationamazon.comamazon.deAdditional info on the cover
978-0349423142Piatkus BooksJuly 4, 2019noyesnothing
978-0349408941Piatkus BooksMarch 17, 2015yesyes"A brand-new edition for 2015"
978-0349408958Piatkus Books
yesyes"A brand-new edition for 2015"
978-0143126560Penguin Books
nono"An all-new updated edition"

Honestly, this is somewhat confusing and I’m a bit at a loss. To make the confusion complete, on the GTD website ( there can found an image of the version containing "An all-new updated edition" on the cover—but exactly this version does not seem to be available anymore, at least not via Amazon.

So, my question now simple is: Which is the latest version? Could share the ISBN please? Thank you very much!

John Forrister

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Yes, it can be confusing. There are different publishers in different countries.

In English, there are publishers in the US, UK, and Australia.

Penguin is the US publisher. I found the book on
  • ISBN-10 : 0143126563
  • ISBN-13 : 978-0143126560
Piatkus is the British publisher.

Penguin Australia is the publisher in Australia.

The covers in different countries may be different. Also, in 2015 the first printing cover said "a brand-new edition for 2015." For later printings, that was changed to "an all-new updated edition."

The publication dates in countries other than the US may be later than 2015.


Right. The non-US versions might spell words differently, e.g. behavior becomes behaviour.
Got it. While I can fully understand the publisher didn't maintain the cover-info "A brand-new edition for 2015" it seems a bit confusing they took away the "An all-new updated edition" from their latest edition published in 2019.


For the sake of completeness here an updated table of the book's versions (after having e-mailed with the publisher Hachette):

ISBN-13PublisherFormatDimensions (inches)Weight (ounces)PublicationAdditional info on the cover
978-0349423142Piatkus BooksPaperback4.96 x 1.02 x 7.72
July 4, 2019- nothing -
978-0349408941Piatkus BooksTrade Paperback6.06 x 1.06 x 9.17
March 17, 2015"A brand-new edition for 2015"
978-0143126560Penguin BooksPaperback5.48 x 0.71 x 8.42
March 17, 2015"An all-new updated edition"
978-0349408958Piatkus BookseBookMarch 17, 2015"A brand-new edition for 2015"