Listen in or Download - Karen Linehan Mroz

Dave John

Loved sitting in on this conversation -haven’t had much time to analyse the embedded info yet, but I’ve already got a sense of encountering some of the original bedrock of GTD.

Thanks Karen and Dave.

Dave Mackay

Insight about projects


Thanks for this recording, I really enjoyed it.

The main thing that I have taken from the conversation so far is that a project is just another name for a problem. Suddenly projects make a lot more sense to me! I have never really got the whole tarring the word 'problem' with the negativity brush; all you have to do is frame the word 'problem' in it's mathematical sense - a set of relationships that require you to re-balance them.

Thanks again for this - sounds like a small thing, but it has already made a large difference.



Time/Design Planner

On this recent In Conversation. I heard Karen mention that Dave worked for Time Systems at one time.

Dave or Karen, just wondering if you still use a Time Design planner, or are you using something else now. I really need something to help me organize my day on paper.