Looking for an GTD-friendly app that has a 2D Urgency vs Importance (Eisenhower Matrix) view


Yes. In truth, that is broadly what I do right now. But I only do so out of broad desperation.

Moreover I was under the firm impression that David Allen firmly and explicitly recommends a single trusted place for ALL your tasks.
But I don't think he demands that all of your tasks be in your active lists that you check several times a day. That's what Someday/Maybe is for.

What happens if I don't have all my tasks in one place, is that I wind up doing much of my life without consulting my task lists at all.

To recap, the core point her is that I read extremely slowly and re-reviewing all my tasks on a frequent regular basis saps my energy and makes me extremely inefficient.
I'm suggesting that you leave the vast majority of your tasks in Someday/Maybe and that you put a tiny subset of them in your lists for the week. That minimizes the daily or hourly reading.


Moreover I was under the firm impression that David Allen firmly and explicitly recommends a single trusted place for ALL your tasks.
What about that includes Someday/Maybe things?

Tasks are those you are going to do within some relatively short timeframe. the are you next actions. Some people like only those that can be done in this week, some like these that can be done in a few weeks or a month or in my case (and I am clearly an outlier in this) those things I might be able to do in the next 3 months. That makes MY lists very long but I like them that way.

You hate reading, so make your list of things you have to read daily or more often very, very short, only the projects and actions you will work on this week and do a weekly review religiously.


Eisenhower.me (https://www.eisenhower.me/) comes first to mind, but it's rather binary and may not offer the flexibility you need. I've not tried it for GTD.

Another option might be OneNote. You could set up a page into a 4x4 matrix and drag text boxes to the appropriate place on the screen. Deadlines, Areas of Focus, and details could be included. Filtering is not an option, per se, but a search would highlight the results on the screen.

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This is a good idea.

I should write a macro to do it in OneNote.


Have you tried, in Trello, to make your lists P1, P2, P3, and P4, and use labels as your contexts? You can filter by labels easily, so if you’re at your desk, you hit F (pulls up filter menu) then choose to filter by desk label, and BOOM - your desk tasks are broken out into lists in priority order. And if you use the calendar power-up, list order is what shows on there, so your deadlines will be in priority order, too.

I threw together an uber-quick board to show what that could look like: https://trello.com/b/Scjjf3aW/eisenhower-gtd

I used one for years. Worked well for me with hundreds of active cards! And it makes review easy, because if you’re in a pinch, you can prioritize reviewing your P1 & P2 lists, for instance.