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I am looking for project planning software the has good Gantt Chart functionality. e.g. It needs to work in Hours not just in whole days.

Fwiw, I have a copy of MindManager2019 which is brilliant in many ways, and is IMHO almost certainly the best mind mapping software out there, but (if I'm correct) the MindManager Gantt Chart view can only work in whole days unless you update to the Enterprise version, which as a sole-trader is a step too far for me. Even the basic MindManager is also pretty expensive (£289+VAT), but their website doesn't tell you the price for the Enterprise version.

Btw, I have given up trying to find software that can integrate either Gantt Charts or MindMaps into my GTD task management system, as nothing seems to have been written yet that works well when you have a large number of tasks.

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It may not suit your needs, but I use Microsoft Project to handle the really complicated projects. It works well in a work/corporate environment that is already using Microsoft Office. Task durations can be tracked in days, hours, or even minutes.


Although I have Microsoft Office 365 Home, I would prefer NOT to use Microsoft project: Even the basic version of Microsoft Project GBP 63.60... PER YEAR and for something I'm only planning to use very lightly is just too expensive.


I have used this on the psion 5mx onwards a number o fyears for sure. Works well - Plan For Windows.

Also another that may work for you. ToDoList, very flexible all in all


twiddlebit.com - TBH, it just looks too dated. It talks about lots of versions of Windows that don't really exist any longer... and no mention of Windows10 at all.

AbstractSpoon's ToDoList I have experienced before. It is in many ways brilliant, however it has a diabolical learning curve. Also my eyes have always had trouble tracking a long way horizontally and ToDoList doesn't seem to be able to write the Name of the text on the Gantt itself. (??)


Yes the program has a dated interface, yet does work on Win7 (work has not migrated to 10 and I am a Linux or MacOS person at home). Have it setup under c:\bin\Plan4Win and on a USB thumbdrive has not burped (most likely due to low resource use). Can import/export MS Project 2010 . Was handy as heck when psion 5MX PDA ruled for remote (laptops were too big/heavy and could not last 20 hours on 2 AA batteries) onsite updates.

Not as pretty yet it works, does not have the hard-drive foot print or memory hog of others. Largest project was 18 months with 2k+ tasks and 32 'resources' so it worked well enough for what I could toss at it. Have done small projects via thumbdrive (just finished one end of April) over the years since work will not purchase license for Project, which I do not blame them not a Project Manager at this work location. Just like outlines help me see the big picture/constraints to get things done.

Was low cost and not MS Project so offered as a possible answer to your request.

I had used SureTrak v3 from Primavera prior (thru Win98) but has been unsupported for a bit. Now at version 6. They are pushing the more powerful version that is costly for a low use application.

As for ToDoList - agree it does have a fairy steep learning curve. Think it may be like EMACS Orgmode once learned it can do wonders. Have to set aside time to learn how to make it jump through hoops. As for displaying the Name on the Gantt chart it does seem to be lacking. For basic use seems you have to use the far left column for the name. Have to dig into the manual and maybe forum for more.

Just another option to research.

Think there was a opensource JAVA based OpenProj at one time found it: <https://sourceforge.net/projects/openproj/>

Hopefully this helps.


In case this helps anyone else, here is an list of Gantt Chart apps:
The 22 Best Gantt Chart Software for Project Management in 2019

[Note that it may be quite biased as it appears to be host [and written?] by one of the Gantt Chart application developers (nTask)...]

I have been ploughing through this list.
I can't find anything that is
- Less than a few $/user/month
- Allows for dependencies other than Finish task-Start task
- Has an hours view

I am now out of time and am unsure how to proceed.

PS I also found this list:
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Project Libre isn't too bad. Unlike many systems out there, it does at least it comes with 4 types of dependency.
On the down side, I couldn't work out how to zoom in and out. Also a minor gripe is that it's only units are days (it can't think in hours). Also I couldnt see any way of getting task names to appear beside or on the Gantt chart itself. The other major problem is that on my high res screen (4K) the Windows level of scaling seems to cause quite nasty pixelation.