LOVED the David Gardner Interview


I loved the depth with which David G got into his own personal experience and implimentation with GTD. Whenever I hear someone elses personal experiences with GTD it almost always sheds some light on a few new strategies that I might try with my own system - and I coach this stuff for a living!

For instance, his extensive use of cutting and pasting things like friends' birth-announcement emails into the comment area of the Outlook Contact triggered a bit of an improvement opportunity for me.

Loved his "come-to-Jesus" moment in Office Depot!


Best Interview Yet

The interview with David Gardner was, for me, the best yet. His energy alone was enough to get you excited - and his thoughts on his role based use of GTD (how many times did he say - I'm the chairman of the company - sometimes I forget that my role is that of an executive director - and not a worker bee. Hearing David repeat that so many times made it feel like a mantra I need to do the same thing with.

I also loved (I think it was David Allen, rather than David Gardner's) use of the word intrapreneur. We've been working on a planning process in our department to outline some 20 - 40,000 foot items we want to complete and the concept of being intrapraneuers is one I may introduce with my staff.

The interview was great - thanks to David and David.


Best Thinking Time

I appreciated learning that David Gardner's best thinking time was 12 am - 3 am. Hah...that's mine too.

Also, I enjoyed "hearing him think" during the interview. Gardner was certainly open to new ideas. It made me feel like I could just join in on the conversation!



Enlightened by Notes!!

What a fantastic interview!! I've always struggled with clearly defining my projects as they tended to get lost in a sea of tasks but having listened to this interview i have started to utilise the notes section and wow! what a difference!! I now have clear projects in the notes sections, and defined next actions in my task list. I feel like i've moved on a pace and feel so in control of what i have to do.

Thanks again for a great insight and great interview


Great to See Motley Fool is still Awesome

I worked at AOL when Motley Fool first appeared on the Financial Channel as a tiny folder with minimal content. Soon they were a vast wealth of financial information in a language the layperson could understand and people loved it! The two men at the top were always extremely customer service oriented, honest and a joy to watch grow into a financial brand.

I was so happy to hear this interview and see that the .dot com years, downsizing and restructering had not changed Motley Fool. They are still a wonderful, caring corporation that wants to take the fear out of investing.

Having said that, David's honesty and frustration about "getting it" made me smile.

We all progress at a different rate. There are GTD things I am not doing yet because I want to master the Inbox, Weekly Review and a few other things first.

But like David, I cannot wait until I have my AHA moment - my ephiphany. I know it is coming soon.