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Don't know very well where to put this topic. (are there some guidelines about this ? - I hope I don't get the RTFM-quote )

The quote David uses once in while is staying with me (can't seem to shut if off in my head - what part did I need to remind myself :wink: ) Managing the forest instead of hugging the trees. i always considered GTD as a methodology for doing both so when David uses this quote I'm always : 'ahh what part didn't I understand'. In mbti i'm INTJ/P - person. So managing my forrest (the N - part) is something which comes natural to me. In applying GTD I find that I added a lot of S to how I look at the world - how I process and give information. This is for me hugging my trees. I hug them so they can grow or I put them somewhere else.
So the forrest and the tree is a bit like Yin/Yang to me. I need both but at a different moment.

Is there some study done to which kind of mbti person GTD is having the most impact and with which tool? I can imagine that SJ person says I'm doing al this but can benefit a lot from the 20K to 50K. That a P person feels relieved for the someday/maybe list (That part feels good to me - In the past I made myself crazy with the different projects I wanted to do). Some consideration that come to mind when I think about GTD and MBTI.

Johan - Belgium


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First, don't worry where you put your posts. We're still exploring how best to sort the topics, so for now anywhere is fine...

Re: personality types. Though we haven't done any rigorous research in this regard, I can say that our experience over lots of years with thousands of people is that the value of GTD is not biased, i.e. everyone gets something out of the process that improves things. Different types get different things, and "take to it" in different ways. The more right-brainers love it for the freedom the structure gives them to be more creative, without a lot of useless formatting and organizing. The left-brainers love it because it is a complete, closed system that more easily ensures rigorous follow-through to completion. You're accurate that the STJ side of the game is more about the delineation of the runway stuff; and the NFP side of things will be a little more comfortable with the higher-horizon and free-form thinking pieces. Some people with a messy desk are real clear about their vision. Some people with clean desks haven't a clue what they're doing with their life. But even that is a bit of a generalization.

(I am also an INTJ/P, last I checked). - David


DavidAllen said:
(I am also an INTJ/P, last I checked). - David
Hi Johan and David,

I have found in my surroundings one manager who by personality will never benefit from the full GTD line because he is just too intuitive. But even then I can see him becoming more productive just having an inbox together with a good way to guard his hard landscape. No A-Z filing, no lists, no weekly review just those two things.