Neat trick for Evernote-GTD


I have migrated to Evernote, using the Kelli setup guide. (I had done an outrageously complex one a few years back with a veritable forest of tags that promised to make the Weekly Review so did not pass the "you should be able to do this when you have the flu" test at all). Maybe Kelli already has this in the Setup Guide but I'm liking it, so here's my little algorithm.

One thing about Evernote that bugged me a bit was if I have say more than 10-20 items in a notebook (like "Office") I can't easily scan them without having to scroll a lot. I wanted more of a list.

Enter the Evernote Table of Contents feature. Table of contents makes a new note that lists internal evernote links for every note you highlight, and the links are the (clickable!) titles of the notes.

Here is the algorithm (PC based, sorry Fruit Computer users; should be very similar)
click on Office, Home, Anywhere, (or whatever notebook)
Click on one note, doesn't matter which
Hit ctrl-A to highlight/select all of them; a group action screen shows up.
Click "create table of contents note."

That note appears at the top of your list. Not only is it quickly scannable, you can click the link to go straight to the note. Done? drag the note to completed 2019 notebook, or else just blow it to electrons if you don't need it.

ONly issue with it is, if I change the contents of the notebook I don't think it automatically updates the table of contents but since it's about six keystrokes so what?


The Filterize service uses Evernote API to allow you to run custom scripts. This includes making table of content notes that update automatically. I have no affiliation with them but I like their service.


Well THAT is cool. Thanks, I'll have to look into it...someday/maybe...right now getting ready for a little trip.