Need input from Nozbe users (Nozbe vs Evernote)


I've been following the GTD system for 3 years now and I'm a huge fan. I set the system up in Evernote because it seemed like a good fit. I have an enormous number of tasks/notes in the system. I have a method I created for handling projects which seems great on paper, and it does work well, but it takes longer than I would like to setup a new project. In Nozbe, a project can be created in less than a minute. I also like the fact that Nozbe makes it very easy to mark your Priority items with a single click and track what you've completed during the day. In Evernote, I use a tag ".1" for my high priority tasks but that's not quite as fast as Nozbe's feature. I also really like the fact that Nozbe has recurring tasks unlike Evernote. On the other hand, I'm a bit disturbed that Nozbe doesn't keep any of my files locally. That's probably just me being paranoid but if I'm going to depend on something completely it would be nice to know that it will work even if there is a network outage. I use Skitch quite a bit for reading and marking up PDF files which then often become tasks in Evernote. I've only used Nozbe for about 10 days so still have some testing to do. I'm somewhat concerned that I might be saving time in Nozbe with some of the features I mentioned but then losing time again by having to move/copy/etc. info from Evernote where I store documents into Nozbe to run GTD.

Any thoughts or experiences you have that you can share would be greatly appreciated!

OF user

Nozbe is a good app. I think Michael Sliwinski (not sure I spelled that right - sorry) and his team do a great job supporting the app, and Michael is a bit of a productivity nerd so he often blogs about helpful and interesting subjects. Nozbe has the same problem Todoist has (and Evernote, and...), it does not allow you to plan future steps and then distinguish next actions from from future tasks that are waiting on something else to happen unless you withhold assigning a context to any tasks that are not a next action, or you list these tasks in the notes section of the project. One advantage Nozbe has over the rest is that you can use the "star" signifier to indicate tasks that are next actions. Best advantage is that I think Nozbe is very sustainable and is likely to be around for a long time plus if the unlikely does happen, I think Michael would very helpful in taking care of displaced customers. I'm not so sure I could say that of Evernote.
@KW7 , in Nozbe's integration settings, you connect Nozbe to Evernote. You then set a reminder in your Evernote note and it will automatically appear in Nozbe. No copying or moving required.