Newbie Introduction


Hello! Just introducing myself.

I’m a woman in my early 50s who is reading the revised/updated GTD and workbook, and have been immersing myself in all things GTD for about a week now. Over 20 years ago, I read only a portion of the original book, quickly became overwhelmed, and decided GTD was “not for me.”

Now I’m back after having been diagnosed in 2019 with “ADHD (Primarily Inattentive Type).” I now understand why the book seemed overwhelming at that time, and I am taking my time to digest the revised version at my own pace - currently on chapter 3. I bought the workbook also for a simplified version, suspecting my ADHD brain may also need that. I’ve also been listening to the official GTD podcast.

I’m currently unemployed and working only on personal projects (like preparing for a move and attending to recent health issues). I decided now would be the perfect time to read the book in its entirety, and start developing a system, while my life is relatively uncomplicated. Then when I’m working again, GTD will be my guiding operating system and I can integrate the complexities of the work world into it. That’s my goal, anyway.

I look forward to learning and absorbing more!
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