On the Road to Black Belt

Lisa Peake

I just wanted to open it up for discussion of the Teleseminar last night, which was a smashing success.

Below are a few of my notes and comments on the call, please feel free to chime in with anything you gleaned from the call, or with conversation related to the Q&A portion of the call.

-Give yourself good tools and an attractive workspace
-Get it out of your head
-Clean up your system
-Keep your eye on the prize
-Time-space issues
-Chunk things down into do-able bites
-Give yourself a pat on the back
-Tackle what you can tackle most easily now
-Customize your systems and know you have the freedom to do that
-Don’t stop at the mundane! Get to the higher levels of GTD, the drivers of your life.

I'll leave it to you folks to discuss your take of the Q&A in details, but personally I thought it was great- questions were right on track, and David answered them as he would if he were actually coaching us in person. It was fun to hear a few of you share your ideas and tips with each other, and this is a space for you to continue that.


On the Road to Black Belt


First, thanks so much for all you, David and your colleagues are doing to keep us Connected! It's a great site, and worth some time each day.

You're right, last night's teleseminar was terrific. I took a page and a half of notes at my PC. One of my favorite reminders / takeaways during the Q&A was:

How do you create down time to get clean with everything else that's going on around you? Block it out on your calendar and think of it as highly productive time and a commitment, not just down time.


I thought the evening was tremendous, too!

I like the observation that people tend to stay at the Runway Level and never move up to completely process the 10k-50k levels (that's been my habit). I think that is because, with so much flying at us, it's all we can do to just direct traffic and keep all the "planes" in the air.

I made this note to myself as I listened last evening:

"Don't stop on the Runway or you'll get run over by an incomplete system."

I began processing the 10,000 ft. level today, shoring up my Projects list so that I'll be in a better place to begin the 20,000 ft. level next week.

Thanks for the insight David and Team!