On what do you write notes


JeffB said:
The logitech actually works?

Yes, It works fairly well. The OCR is the hard part. I get about 60% recognition which may or may not be good for you. However, my hand writing is pretty bad and about 30% of the time I can't even read it. The better your penmanship the better the OCR.


The notebook I use.

I wanted to find something simple to record notes on, but something that lets me easily put the notes in "In", and something that looks professional, but doesn't cost a lot. Lots of folks online are raving about the Moleskine notebooks, and I've looked at them, but I don't find they have enough size for the notes I tend to take. So, I have found the Blueline A9 notebook, which is hardbound, and costs about $8.50 CDN. Each page has a spot at the top for the date, the bottom for Page #, and is perforated to be easily removed from the notebook and tossed into "In".

I'm finding it works well for me. YMMV.


Saving Notes

With the use of the "In" box, the question for me was not what to take notes on, but rather how to save notes for later perusal.

I use a memo pad sheet per day for general notes, and use meeting agendas for meetings, 3x5 cards in my back pocket for notes out and about.

All these go into "In" and are processed for projects, action items, new contacts, someday/maybe, reference lists, etc. I then scan them into OneNote and tag them with categories like "Context" (meeting, phone call, etc.), "Contacts" (meeting attendees, who the call was with), "Project", and any other tags I feel are useful.

I can then search OneNote for these tags and pull back any notes relating to those tags.


For those looking for The Perfect Notebook (tm), I can recommend Book Factory, http://www.bookfactory.com. Custom covers, custom pages (and page size), custom printing on each page, all for about the same as you'd pay retail for similar quality.

The downside is the minimum order of 50. I give them away to clients, but YMMV.