[OT, joke] How to get organized


My sister was bemoaning the fact that she had
procrastinated cleaning and organizing her house
for a long time. Since she was planning to
entertain, she felt a lot of pressure to get
moving. That afternoon she phoned, sounding glum.

"I went to the bookstore," she explained, "and I
bought a book on how to get organized. I was all
fired up, and I decided to clean out all the
shelves in the living room. While I was cleaning,
I found the same darn book. I had bought it a
couple of years ago!"
I wonder what was the title of the book. :grin:


I remember the time a number of years ago, at a restaurant, I explained to a friend where I finally found my copy of the book, "File, Don't Pile". People looked at us strangely as we registered our appreciation of the ironies of life.


These are really funny. Very true for most of us at some point in life (often, repeatedly).

By the way, my GTD is going (on a scale of 0 to 10) at about 5-6. Many GTD concepts HAVE become natural or even second nature but I am still not quite where I want to be.

I know I don't check in here very often but I do read the board at least once a month. I have become more comfortable with GTD over the years, and can see progress (albeit slow) over time. Hope everyone does too!