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    Should I use due dates in outlook in terms of what I think I need to do

    this week
    next week
    this month
    next month

    It makes sense for me to assign dates to my next actions. I known David Allen is against assigning dates but assigning dates makes me know what to focus on now instead of going through my entire inventory of items which might include items due later than today.
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    Hi Sean,

    This is often something that comes up when I'm chatting with people about GTD. For me your word focus is a key one. There are other variables in play though. The time available and energy you have are also key. It's likely you won't have the awareness of these two elements at the time you set due dates. In fact, in my personal experience and with others, we over estimate what's achievable because these factors are not fore front when setting dates. This can sound obvious and easy to skip over. Letting go of the need for arbitrary dates is one of the real benefits of the gtd way of working. It needs you to fully trust your system though.

    If you are setting dates and hitting them, then fine. It's common that many people find that they spend time renegotiating with themselves (and others) for dates that have slipped though. This can create a drag on your system and therefore make it less likely you'll want to fully engage with it. In fact, it can mean you end up avoiding it because of those 'red items'. That said, if something really has to be done on a date or not at all then having a due date is essential.

    Hopefully that helps.


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