[Pool] Do you have multiple someday/maybe lists?

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[Pool] Do you have multiple someday/maybe lists?

  1. Only one someday/maybe list

  2. Two someday/maybe lists

  3. Three or more someday/maybe lists

  1. Kmet

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    Dec 28, 2016
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    Hello my friends. Currently, I am experimenting with the following setup:

    I have set up 4 different someday lists. I have an appointment in my calendar scheduled when it will be time to review them:

    1. Someday Weekly
    2. Someday Monthly
    3. Someday Quarterly
    4. Someday Yearly

    Do you have a similar setup or do you only use one list for someday maybe?


    I have 240 Someday maybe Items. For example:

    Someday Weekly: Mostly temporary stuff, which gets managed at the weekly review. [E.g. A new business idea ( for which I do not have set up a proper Reference Note in Evernote and I do not want to think about creating new reference notes "in a hurry").

    Someday Monthly:
    Rework Youtube Thumbnails [Need to finish another more important project (Finish my website), that is not dependent on this item.

    Someday Quarterly:
    Changing the damaged display of my secondary notebook. [Not important, but I should do that "Someday" and after three months I could reevaluate if I will have time to do that.

    Someday Yearly:
    Make a self-experiment about polyphasic sleep and blog about it on youtube and my blog. [I don't even know if I will do it this/next year. But I will reevaluate it after that period]

    • How would you manage items like that? I would obviously have plenty more example items ^^
    I appreciate all of your answers and I'm looking forward to a nice discussion.
  2. Oogiem

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    Jun 3, 2008
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    I have many someday/maybe lists. Organized by Area of Focus or specific subset of things withn a given AOF.

    For example,
    one of my AOFs is that I am a skilled craftswoman and artist
    I have someday/maybe lists for Scrapbook projects, knitting projects, sewing projects, weaving projects, photography prjects, drawing projects etc.

    Another example is that an AOF is our farm is productive, sustainable and growing
    Under that I have someday/maybe lists for each major section, one for the sheep, one for the landscaping, one for major infrastructure changes and so on.

    I currently have 57 someday/maybe lists and a further 225 projects that have had more than a little work done on them that are back in someday/maybe right now.
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  3. Geeko

    Geeko GTD since 2017

    Dec 22, 2017
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    I also use different someday/maybe lists sorted by topic:
    • someday/maybe general
    • books/movies I might like to read/watch
    • places I might like to visit someday
    • stuff I might like to buy
    • wish lists
    • present ideas for different people
    I don’t want to sort my someday/maybe by the time I review it since you don’t know when an opportunity might strike you ;)

  4. Cpu_Modern

    Cpu_Modern Registered

    Apr 24, 2006
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    I like to have just one list for the reason of incubation in my mind. I like to REVIEW every SdMb item every week in order to "work" on them that way. REVIEWing the list regularly improves my sense of PERSPECTIVE. It also tends to make the list shorter, because deleting items that are no longer current happens more frequently. Therefore: one list, reviewed weekly for my.
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  5. Gardener

    Gardener Registered

    Sep 11, 2008
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    One of my highest priority goals right now is minimizing work in progress. (I hate slogans, but "Stop starting and start finishing" keeps repeating in my head.)

    Therefore, most of the structure of my personal system (I have complete separation between work and personal) is Someday/Maybe. Most of that lives in Scrivener. They include:

    -- Folder: Actionesque Lists

    This is for the least-developed stuff--the stray thoughts that I don't want to forget. It includes things like Garden Idea List, Decluttering Idea List, Paperwork Idea List, and so on.

    I present this first, because it tends to be the first step for an idea. So an idea might percolate here for a while, and eventually get its own file in:

    -- Folder: Projects--Planning

    This includes things like Spring Farm Work, The Four Hedges, a file for notes for for my next novel, and so on.

    As they get planned, these may split into more projects--for example, The Four Hedges is likely to become at least four projects, possibly nine. Spring Farm Work will be several projecgts by spring.

    When one of these gets close to being fully actionable, its file moves to:

    -- Folder: Projects--Active

    Right now, this includes 2018/19 Garlic, 2019 Asparagus, Christmas, Planning for Europe Trip, and so on and so on.

    I realize that "active" doesn't sound like Someday/Maybe. If I shared this system with someone else, I'd call this something else. But I still keep much of even this stuff out of my main active GTD project/context lists. I want as little as humanly possibly in those lists.

    I have those lists in:

    -- OmniFocus

    Actionable, er, actions that stem from Projects--Active or from the newish journal that I've been keeping land there. They may or may not land there with the same project name.

    For example, tasks that support the Scrivener file-projects 2018/19 Garlic and 2019 Asparagus are in the OmniFocus project Winter Farm Work. That's because when I'm actually out there in the vegetable garden, on a rare dry-enough-to-work winter day, I don't want to think about projects and priorities. I want a bag of crankable widgets prepared for me. After I knock off most of those widgets, I go back to Projects--Active and define some more.

    So OmniFocus is my plate of widgets.

    -- What about On Hold?

    This all seems to ignore projects that I may have started and then pushed back to Someday/Maybe. Logically, I should have, say, a Projects--On Hold folder. Instead, projects just get demoted--from OmniFocus to Active, then maybe down to Planning, then maybe down to Actionesque Lists. If there's stuff to remember about a project, I'll put it in the project support material elsewhere in my Scrivener project.

    That's the system today. We'll see what it is in a month. But the more I shove to Someday/Maybe, the more I get done.
  6. John Ismyname

    John Ismyname Registered

    Dec 29, 2017
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    I have two someday/maybe lists; a someday list and a maybe list! These two concepts are entirely different. My maybe list is my wish list - I am not committed to it. The items on it neither have start nor finish dates.

    My someday list is things that I will do - someday. I assign an arbitrary start date to my somedays - some of these dates are years or decades away.

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